"Woman, Wife, Warrior, Winner"


Briana E Riggins, The Recovery Coach is the secret weapon you need if you have suffered from sudden trauma, and you feel trapped by paranoia and fear of the unknown.

Through her high impact training, The Climb, Build, and Grow Method, she guides her clients through exercises that empower them to break through psychological roadblocks so they can regain control of their self-confidence. And understand how to realign their emotional well-being and start the healing process so they can build a life they once thought was lost to trauma.

She is a wife, mother, speaker, author, and Owner of Made to Manifest Design and Creative Flow.

 After she lost her son to cancer and endured a life-altering divorce, she penned two books, "Life Hurts but Your Heart Matters" (coming soon) and "In The Depth of My Soul: Woman, Wife, Warrior & Winner."

Briana E. Riggins is on a mission to elevate every soul that desires to thrive in this life to Take Flight with Her.